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Are you confident that your process hazards are correctly controlled?

In today’s environment teams must collaborate, co-operate and appreciate each other’s needs. Managing risk in hazardous process environments is no different – it involves considering process safety, functional safety and cyber security. Each of these functions depends on, influences and may conflict with, the needs of the others.

At =Method we think it is essential for those working in these three areas to have a working knowledge of the requirements of each aspect – otherwise projects do not run smoothly, and risks are not properly managed. If we ask ourselves “are we confident that our process hazards are correctly controlled?”, this simple question has a complex answer. Efficiently meeting all the requirements of process safety, functional safety and cyber security as we carry out Hazard and Risk Assessment and SIL Determination requires careful planning and detailed understanding of the various compliance challenges. Omissions and errors during the early phases of the project lifecycle – when the process hazards are considered – will lead to unnecessary cost and delay later in the project.

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