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What is Functional Safety Verification?

Functional Safety Verification?

Hazard and Risk Analysis (H&RA) techniques such as HazOp and LOPA are the means by which we carry out the early phases of the functional safety lifecycle – as defined in standards such as IEC 61511 “Functional safety - safety instrumented systems in the process industry sector”. The Hazard and Risk Analysis must therefore be carried out as per the “management” requirements of the functional safety standards. One of those requirements is that all work done to deliver the lifecycle phases should be “verified”.

Why conduct Functional Safety Verification?

The purpose of verification is to check that the work has been done correctly - and for work such as HazOp and LOPA, this would normally mean checking the relevant terms of reference and the reports issued to record the outcome of the relevant meetings.

Who should carry out Functional Safety Verification?

Verification should be carried out with an appropriate level of independence – as a minimum, the verifier should not have played any active role in the meeting or development of the report that is being verified. The verifier also need to have an appropriate level of competence – verifying complex H&RA processes such as a HazOp or LOPA can be challenging, but provided the original task is done while recognising that verification is to follow, it is possible for people with the correct expertise to provide very effective feedback and spot mistakes and omissions.

Functional Safety Verification Consultancy

=Method has the relevant expertise to carry out verification of H&RA tasks – using our templates and checklists to confirm that the work has been done correctly and as per relevant guidance and standards. If =Method has been responsible for the H&RA task, then the work will be carried out to facilitate efficient and effective verification. If others are carrying out the tasks which are to be verified by =Method, we recommend discussing with us how the work will be done so that subsequent verification is facilitated.

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