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LOPA and SIL Determination Training Course

This is a two day course which covers the principles of Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA). LOPA is a semi-quantitative risk assessment technique, and is the most commonly used method of SIL determination (i.e. of calculating whether a situation requires further risk reduction to meet tolerable risk targets, and if so, what reliability (SIL) is required of these further measures).

LOPA Training Course


This training course is primarily for HazOp facilitators who also want to be able to lead LOPAs. However, it is suitable for anybody who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of the LOPA technique, and how to apply it. The course is taught using a combination of classroom teaching and group exercises, which are based on the CCPS concept book “Layer of Protection Analysis – Simplified Risk Assessment”.


Classroom Training

The Course is delivered over 2 days in public classroom sessions.


Live Online Training

The course is delivered at a client's premises as a closed course, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Course Content

    Day 1

  1. LOPA Overview
  2. When and Why to use LOPA
  3. Risk Tolerability
  4. The Layer of Protection Concept
  5. Elements of LOPA
  6. Selecting Scenarios for LOPA
  7. Hazardous Consequence and Tolerable Risk
  8. Initiating Causes
  9. Enabling Conditions & Conditional Modifiers

    Day 2

  1. Independent Protection Layers (IPLs)
  2. IPL Reliability Information
  3. Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs)
  4. Common Cause Failure Within LOPA
  5. Evaluating the LOPA Results
  6. Final Event Likelihood and SIL Determination
  7. Practical Application of LOPA
  8. LOPA’s Position and Role in the Functional Safety Lifecycle
  9. Dealing with Multiple Causes and Consequences
  10. Specialist Software for LOPA
  11. Common LOPA Failings
  12. Useful Sources of Information
  13. Course Conclusion

Who Should Attend

This course is primarily for HazOp facilitators who also want to be able to lead LOPAs. However, it is suitable for anybody who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of the LOPA technique, and how to apply it.

After this course you will be able to

After this course experienced HazOp leaders will be able to also facilitate LOPA studies *. Experienced hazard study team members will be able to participate effectively in LOPA as team members.

* A period of mentoring is recommended for all new LOPA facilitators. If required, =Method can provide a mentor to help new facilitators get off to the best possible start – please contact us to discuss your needs.

Prior Knowledge

In order to get the most out of this course, it is recommended that delegates have at least some prior knowledge of hazard studies (e.g. from having either led HazOps, or attended enough of them as a team member to have a good understanding of how the HazOp process works). The course builds on the material presented in our HazOp Training Course for Study Leaders course. However, no prior knowledge of LOPA is required.

Meet the Facilitator

David Sparkes

David Sparkes

The trainer for this course is David Sparkes. He is Technical Director of Method Process Safety Ltd. He is a chartered chemical engineer, experienced HazOp and LOPA facilitator, a Fellow of the IChemE, and is registered with the IChemE as a Professional Process Safety Engineer (PPSE).

What you will get

Course Options

Course Enquiries

If you have any further questions, please contact us and if you wish to proceed, check the course diary to check prices and reserve a place.



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LOPA Training Course

Customised Training

Our =Method "LOPA" training course can be adapted to suit an individual company (e.g. using examples relevant to your specific industry), and delivered in-house as a private course, Please contact us with your requirements.

What is a Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)?

a tried and tested technique for determining the effectiveness (or otherwise) of safeguards, protection layers and safety instrumented functions for providing risk reduction as protection from the hazards identified for a given process

Read about "What is a LOPA?"

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