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What isProcess Safety?

what is process safety

Process Safety is a broad discipline

The Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) defines Process Safety as “A disciplined framework for managing the integrity of hazardous operating systems and processes by applying good design principles engineering and operating practices. It deals with the prevention and control of incidents that have the potential to release hazardous materials or energy. Such incidents can cause toxic effects, fire or explosion and could ultimately result in serious injuries, property damage, lost production and environmental impact”.

There are some key points made in this definition:

  • A disciplined framework – shows that the approach should be well thought-through, structured, repeatable, managed, documented, robust etc. A good start is to consider how a “lifecycle” might be developed for the implementation of Process Safety through a typical project and over the life of the plant.
  • Managing the integrity – if we the things we put in place (equipment, operating systems, processes) have the appropriate level of integrity (are sufficiently reliable) then we can achieve Process Safety.
  • Applying good design principles engineering and operating practices – we are expected to implement “good” engineering and operating practices. Tried and tested approaches that most people should be able to achieve. So the expectations on us are not unreasonable.
  • Dealing with prevention and control of incidents – we have to think through how we stop incidents from occurring, then think through what we might do if they were to occur.
  • The Potential to – we are working with what might happen. Perhaps there have been previous incidents on our site or on others. There may have been “near misses”. We must consider these, but also we have to look at our designs and determine for ourselves what might happen with those designs that have the potential to cause incidents.
  • Release hazardous materials or energy – the scope here is very broad: we have to consider any material that might be hazardous and any energy sources that might cause harm.
  • Toxic effects, fire or explosion – again emphasising the breadth of the scope
  • Serious injuries, property damage, lost production and environmental impact – and we aren’t just considering the safety of people. Our approach needs to encompass a broad spectrum of impacts, including equipment, the impact on our ability to continue our business operations and the environment.
Method Process Safety is here to help your business comply with relevant regulations and to make your workplace safer.

Process Safety Training

LOPA Training Course

A 2-day Course designed for those who wish to develop their understanding and skills when leading, participating in or verifying a Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) study.

HazOp Training Course for Leaders

A 4-day practical HazOp (Hazard and Operability Study) Training Course designed to help you understand and follow a structured approach to evaluating hazards at various stages of a process design and build project.

HazOp Training Course for Team Members

This training course is a 1-day practical introduction to Hazard and Operability Study (HazOp).

Introduction to Human Factors in Safety Critical Industries

A 1 day course providing delegates with an overview of human factors, how they can impact your organisation and how to recognise, evaluate and control human error and human factors risk. 

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