Introduction to Human Factors in Process SafetyTraining Course

A 1 day course providing delegates with an overview of human factors, how they can impact your organisation and how to recognise, evaluate and control human error and human factors risk. Provides practical knowledge and techniques to help improve safety. Delivered using a mixture of facilitated discussion, interactive sessions and slides with cover:

Course Content

    Introduction to Human Factors in process safety

  1. A general overview of what Human Factors is.
  2. The importance of Human Factors and its relevance to safety critical industries.
  3. Overview of what influences human performance.
  4. The key standards and legislation.

    Reducing Human Error and Risk Management

  1. Overview of human error and the different types of errors.
  2. What the sources of Human Error are.
  3. The typical causes of Human Error.
  4. Consideration of Human Factors in LOPA.
  5. Methods to mitigate human factors risk.

    Human Factors in Design

  1. How human factors influences design.
  2. Importance of developing procedures.

Who should attend

Anybody with a responsibility for people, safety and their working environment. Particularly, managers, operators, supervisors who are interested in reducing the risk associated with human error.

Pre qualification

This workshop assumes no-prior knowledge of Human Factors.

After this Workshop

After this Workshop you will be able to

What you will get

About the Trainer

Our trainer is a specialist Human Factors professional with more than 25 years of providing practical support and advice to operational end users working in safety critical industries.

Workshop Enquiries

If you have any further questions, please contact us and if you wish to proceed, check your diary and reserve a place.

Customise this course

This LOPA Training Course can be customised and delivered on-site to your team. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

This course qualifies as 8 CPD hours


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