Hazard StudyTraining Course

A 4-day practical Training Course designed to help you understand and follow a structured approach to evaluating hazards at various stages of a process design and build project. The training provides the fundamental knowledge to participate in and – with suitable experience – to facilitate Hazard Studies.

Where suitable experience can be demonstrated following the course, it is possible to attain =Method Competency Certification in Hazard Study. The course devotes a good deal of time to practical exercises specifically designed to support the learning objectives. In addition to the “technical” aspects of a Hazard Study, the course highlights the importance of managing “soft” and inter-personal aspects of Hazard Studies – which are key to an effective and efficient meeting.

Note: This page describes our Hazard Study for Leaders training course. We will shortly be introducing a course description for our new Hazard Study for Participants training course.

Course Content

The course is structured around the IChemE 6-stage approach to Hazard Study – with different study techniques being used as the process design project evolves from concept, through detailed design to final implementation. The 6 stages are:

  1. Review of the "soft" or inter-personal aspects of Hazard Study meetings, with a review of typical issues that arise (and which can significantly influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the Hazard Study).
  2. Relationship to and requirements of Functional Safety standards (such as IEC 61511), which often provide the framework within which the Hazard Studies are taking place and which depend on the study outputs.

Who should attend

Attendees, Scribes and Facilitators of Hazard Study Meetings.


This course assumes no-prior knowledge of Hazard Study techniques, but background knowledge of typical process industry applications will be useful. (Note, since Hazard Study meetings would typically be multi-disciplinary, the course is designed such that the learning objectives can be met without delegates having any particular prior knowledge).

The IChemE book “HazOp Guide to Best Practice” by Crawley and Tyler is recommended as pre-course reading material.

After this course you will be able to

What you will get

All delegates receive:

Certification of Competence

Delegates can attain formal =Method certification of their competence in Hazard Study facilitation, by “Demonstrating Knowledge” whilst facilitating actual Hazard Studies following the completion of the course. How this can be achieved will be discussed with each delegate. One possibility is for a member of the =Method Process Safety team to attend (and perhaps acting as scribe for) the Hazard Study facilitated by the delegate so that they can mentor, coach and evaluate the candidate. The certification is valid for 5 years and can be renewed on submission of further “Demonstration of Knowledge”, demonstration of Continuing Professional Development and experience of Hazard Study Facilitation.

Course Enquiries

If you have any further questions, please contact us and if you wish to proceed, check your diary and reserve a place.

What is a HazOp?

A HazOp is a tried and tested technique for reviewing a process design to identify what hazards might be present (sometimes hidden) in the design. More about "What is a HazOp?"

Customised Training

Our =Method "Hazard Study" training course can be adapted to suit an individual company (e.g. using examples relevant to your specific industry), and delivered in-house as a private course, Please contact us with your requirements.
HazOp Course rating Course rating 92.0%

Delegate feedback

"Clearly very experienced facilitators with enthusiasm, good knowledge and able to draw on real life experience."

"I feel now that I understand the process. It has helped me to identify gaps on my own site and now know how to resolve these."

"The trainers struck a good balance between observing and providing some further guidance during the hazard study exercises."

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The Hazard Study for Leaders course qualifies as 32 CPD hours
The Hazard Study for Participants course qualifies as 16 CPD hours

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