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Hazard Study 2 (HazID)

A hazard study 2 (HazID) aims to identify the main process safety hazards in the process and ensures that appropriate safeguards have been put in place. It asks questions like:

  • Is it possible to have a fire/explosion? And what could be the causes of that?
  • Could we overfill one of our tanks?, and if so, what would the consequences be?
  • Are there any situations which could result in an overpressure?
  • Could we expose our operators to toxic substances?

The main difference between HS2 and HazOp (HS3) is that HS2 uses a “top-down” approach, whereas HazOp uses a “bottom-up” approach. HS2 also requires less detailed design information than HS3, and takes less time to do. Carrying out a HS2 saves time and money for the project by hopefully identifying any serious issues before the design has progressed too far. To get the best value from HS2, it should be carried out once process flow diagrams (PFDs) are available, but before full piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) have been produced. Sufficient time should be allowed in the project program to allow actions raised at HS2 to be completed before the design is frozen for HazOp.

What =Method can do for you

  • Help you to decide if HS2 is needed for your project, and if so, how to carry it out.
  • Provide experienced study facilitators for your HS2 / HazID study.
  • Train and give mentoring support to aspiring¬†hazard study leaders.
  • Provide training for HazOp team members.

Process Safety Lifecycle

SIL Determination

Most recent projects for HazID

A Process Risk Assessment 2 (PRA2) study and associated report for a new herbicide process, with raw material supply from isotankers. The PRA2 was carried out by a multi-disciplinary team comprising representatives from the client and =Method with experience in Process Engineering, Process Operations, Project Engineering and Project Management, Chemistry, and Process Safety. The project was executed in accordance with =Method Safety Plan and followed the client's own PRA procedures.

Industry: Agrochemical
Topic: Hazard Study 2 - Hazard Identification

Hazard Study

Industry: Chemical
Topic: Hazard Study 2 - Hazard Identification

=Method facilitated a HS2 for a new, novel chemical process. The completion of this HazID identified key information required for HazOp, and ultimately saved significant time at the HazOp stage as a number of key safety concerns had already been addressed.

Industry: Chemical
Topic: Hazard Study 2 - Hazard Identification

Risk assessment of Burner Management System using Fault Tree Analysis.

Industry: Mining / Metal / Cement
Topic: Hazard Study 2 - Hazard Identification

A HazID for a fuel storage system improvement project was completed, identifying key actions regarding equipment placement, ensuring that changes could be made early in the design process with minimal financial impact.

Industry: Military / Aviation
Topic: Hazard Study 2 - Hazard Identification

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